Service to the OIL & GAS iNDUSTRIES

Company Summary

Velsmo SA was formed to take advantage of the perceived weakness and inadequacies of other regional companies in terms of safety, quality, cost and customer satisfactory. Velsmo SA provides maintenance and Projects Consulting services to the Commercial, OIL and GAS industries for piping, tanks, civil works and electrical works together general maintenance and offers its complete maintenance according to their specifications.

Velsmo SA is a start-up limited liability company of one founder, Smodern Nkuna with more than adequate of experience in maintenance and Projects Consulting services including 10 years in OIL and GAS industries. Smodern Nkuna has assembled a team of maintenance and Projects field's top experienced and professional in the petrochemical and gas industries.

Velsmo SA long term profitability will rely on focusing on Commercial, OIL and GAS industrial contracts that will be obtained through strategic alliances and comprehensive marking programs. Velsmo SA is situated at stand 488, XIHOKO which is 55 km north of Tzaneen with its Partners in different provinces in South Africa including Gauteng, North West and Mpumalanga. And it is also situated in Midrand, Gauteng Province.